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Le Relax Hotels to make presence known at World Travel Market

Le Relax Hotels to make presence known at World Travel Market

The tourism world will meet from November 7-10, 2011 in London, UK, at the World Travel Market (WTM). Le Relax Hotels, a small chain of hotels from the Seychelles, will this year be descending on London for its 3rd participation at WTM.

Robert Toussaint, the Operations Manager of Le Relax Hotels, said, as he issued communiqués announcing his participation at WTM 2011: “We trust with your support we will grow up as a partner and develop our relationship base on our existing products and our upcoming projects. Please allow us the opportunity to meet with you between the above-mentioned dates at the Seychelles stand; your presence and time will be very much appreciated.”

“WTM in UK is among the main marketing events, where the world meets, giving us the perfect opportunity to showcase our final products for [the] 2011/2012 Contracted Season to the world. We are not asking much of your time. What we need is the possibility to be known, and with you, all is possible. If it is your first interaction with us, the possibility will be extended for an educational visit in our beautiful islands and the only chain of hotels in Seychelles covering all three main islands,” said Robert Toussaint.

The Le Relax Hotels Operations Manager has invited tour operators to learn more about their products by visiting them as this opportunity is not a dream. “It is a reality, and with you as our partners we can make it all happen by joining hands together to bring the extra to our guests next time they choose to visit the Seychelles islands under one brand name, ‘Le Relax,’ with the possibility to visit and stay on the three main islands Mahe, Praslin, and La Digue as a[n] island hopping package,” Robert Toussaint said.