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Last-minute travel becomes new standard

Last-minute travel becomes new standard

“Last-minute travel” has become a new standard by some measurements of the travel industry. As the economy slowly rebounds from several years when vacations evaporated for many people, the concept of a several weeks’ vacation, booked months in advance, has grown untenable to the stressed businessperson, couple, or family who must quickly carve out the time to unplug, relax, and reconnect.

With discount airline fares, enticing bargains in lodging, and continuously advertised “last-minute specials” across segments of the travel market - ranging from cruises to car rentals - the concept of a quick getaway is now as mainstream as quick-serve restaurants.

Spontaneous travelers may not realize, however, that strict travel documentation requirements hold fast in most regions around the globe and that processing time for visas and passports may not keep pace with the rapid timeframes of a quickly-planned getaway. While experienced travelers are typically well-versed in the Visa Waiver Program (VWP), which permits greater ease of travel between the citizens of countries whom have elected to participate in the program, stringent travel documentation regulations remain for many popular tourism destinations, necessitating a valid passport and visa for entry to the country of choice.

As a number of countries offer “visa on arrival” service, rushed travelers may believe that hopping their flight as quickly as possible and handling any visa details upon landing is the best bet. At the request of travelers, airline carriers can typically offer information regarding the requirements for entry to a country. Visas upon arrival can be a convenient option, yet travelers also risk lengthy lines or wait times at checkpoints, unexpected or arbitrary visa processing fees, and other administrative snags when making this choice. For citizens traveling in groups, with younger children, or with health concerns, delays upon arrival cause unneeded stress.

For last-minute travelers seeking to minimize hassle and additional costs, an authorized visa expediting service can not only preserve valuable time, but also ensure that specific regulations for a region are met and that travel documentation costs are secured prior to departure.


“Visa and passport regulations are continuously modified, and it is our exclusive business to stay in constant contact with Embassy and Consular contacts in this regard. We’re informed hour by hour of shifts in traveler requirements, visa fee changes, and travel conditions in a given region, and place the safety and security of our customers as our sole concern. Our customers know that whether their travel is planned a year or a week in advance, we’ll make sure that all necessary travel documentation is in order at a single, secure upfront cost,” said Dean Orbell, Vice President of Travel Document Systems, Inc.

With last-minute travel sure to only become more popular in a time-crunched world, savvy travelers can make the most of limited time by being informed of their options at each stage of a trip.