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LAN Airlines welcomes first Boeing Dreamliner 787-9 to South America

LAN Airlines welcomes first Boeing Dreamliner 787-9 to South America

LAN Airlines has added the first 787-9 aircraft in Latin America to its fleet.

The 787-9 is an extended version of the 787-8, capable of transporting 27 per cent more passengers and 23 per cent more cargo. 

LAN will configure the cabin with 283 Economy Class seats and 30 Premium Business Class seats.

The new LAN aircraft began commercial service in April 2015, from Santiago, Chile to Lima, Perú with continuing service to Los Angeles, California and will gradually begin service on additional routes throughout the year, including flights from Santiago, Chile to New York, Easter Island, Madrid, Frankfurt, Auckland and Sydney. 

The Company will receive six Boeing 787-9 aircraft in 2015.


Ignacio Cueto, chief executive of LAN, commented: “We are very happy to receive this next generation aircraft into our fleet, which contributes to the plan of expanding our destination network. 

“The arrival of the Boeing 787-9 to LAN makes us the only carrier in Latin America to operate both 787 models.  It also strengthens our in-flight travel experience, transporting 313 passengers over long distances with the same environmental efficiency,” he said. 

Cueto also pointed out a modification to LAN’s original request in 2007, for 32 total 787s, including 22 787-8s and ten 787-9s.

“We reached an agreement with Boeing to substitute four of the 787-8s with the newest model and we are very happy to announce that we will receive a total of 14 Boeing 787-9s in the first two years, which is great news for our passengers,” he concluded.

The Boeing 787-9 can travel longer distances without stopping, while delivering the same environmental efficiency as the previous model.