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Kyoto City targets tourists as it expands free Wi-Fi network

Kyoto City targets tourists as it expands free Wi-Fi network

Free Wi-Fi points across the city of Kyoto, Japan have been significantly increased in order to provide convenient internet access for locals, business travellers and especially tourists. Free Wi-Fi is now available at 385 locations, including 297 bus stops and 78 “Seven Eleven” convenience stores.

There are two types of free Wi-Fi on offer; visitors can find either a “3 Hours Free” point or a “7 Days Free” point. Tourists can look for the blue and purple symbols across the city.

The Wi-Fi is accessed through searching for the SSID on a smartphone or device, which will be KYOTO_WiFi01 or KYOTO_WiFi02 and then obtaining a guest code from the scannable QR code on the nearby purple or blue tag or sending an e-mail to the address provided. Once guests are allocated a guest code, they can simply log-in and then free Wi-Fi is accessible.

Since June 2012, in a push to keep up with international standards for business and leisure travellers, Kyoto City has gradually been setting up free Wi-Fi spots at bus stops, major subway stations, vending machines, public facilities and 7-eleven convenient stores and this announcement is the latest step in the process. The final aim is to eventually set-up 630 free Wi-Fi spots.