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Jet Airways reveals Fare Choices pricing structure

Jet Airways reveals Fare Choices pricing structure

Jet Airways is set to introduce a new flexible fare structure allowing guests more choice when booking flights.

The new fare structure, named ‘Fare Choices’, will be introduced from August 17th, 2016.

Jet Airways joins a select group of airlines worldwide offering a branded fare structure which offers flexibility and transparency.

A total of eight new ‘Fare Choices’ will be introduced across Economy and Premiere (business class), allowing guests to tailor their bookings to their individual needs.

Guests traveling in Economy will have the option of choosing from the Deal, Saver, Classic or Flex fare categories.


Likewise, Premiere ticket options will include Saver, Classic and Flex.

In First Class there will only be one fare – First.

‘Fare Choices’ are transparent and differ in flexibility and tailored benefits that otherwise need to be purchased separately.

Some guests, for instance, may want flexibility in changing travel dates, others might want to accrue more JetPrivilege miles.

The various fare categories are differentiated based on the changeability of a ticket, mileage accrual, upgrade eligibility, priority check-in and lounge access as well as eligibility for refund.

The new flexible ‘Fare Choices’ will be available on all domestic and international routes through all of Jet Airways’ booking channels, including its website as well as travel agencies.