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James Hogan named WTTC vice chairman for Middle East & Africa

James Hogan named WTTC vice chairman for Middle East & Africa James Hogan, left, is congratulated by IAG chief executive Willie Walsh, right, at the World Travel & Tourism Council Global Summit 2012 in Japan

The president and chief executive officer of Etihad Airways, James Hogan, has been named World Tourism and Travel Council’s (WTTC) vice chairman for the Middle East and Africa.

The announcement was made at the 12th WTTC Global Summit being held at the Pamir Convention Centre in Tokyo, Japan this week.

Speaking from Tokyo, Mr Hogan said he was delighted to accept the position of WTTC vice chairman for the Middle East and Africa and looked forward to playing a major role in planning the 13th WTTC Global Summit to be held in Abu Dhabi in April/May 2013.

“The WTTC annual Global Summit is the pre-eminent event in the global travel and tourism calendar.

“It brings together more than 1000 industry and government leaders from around the world to tackle some of the most pressing issues facing travel and tourism and to set the agenda for the future health of the industry.”

Etihad welcomed guests to WTTC 2012 in Japan

Mr Hogan said it was an honour for Abu Dhabi to host the 13th WTTC Global Summit in 2013.

“The travel and tourism industries are a major contributor to the meteoric rise of Abu Dhabi and its emerging role on the global stage.

“The WTTC Global Summit in Abu Dhabi next year will not only build on this momentum but also showcase the Emirate’s abundance of world class tourism infrastructure and attractions, which are the product of millions of dollars of investment by the Abu Dhabi Government.

“I’m confident that next year’s Global Summit will provide further stimulus for travel and tourism growth to the UAE capital.”

James Hogan is a member of the Executive Committee for the 2012 WTTC Global Summit event.