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Jamaica gears up for new MINI Cooper tours with Island Routes

Jamaica gears up for new MINI Cooper tours with Island Routes

Jamaica is known for its gorgeous beaches, turquoise seas, tropical terrain and rich island culture and now, visitors to the paradise island will have a new way to explore ‘real Jamaica’ thanks to Island Routes Caribbean Adventures’  brand new Mini-Routes Driving Tour.

This unique tour, which launches in March 2017 will allow visitors to drive themselves around the paradise island in custom-branded MINI Cooper cars.

Sightseers will be able to discover Jamaica’s breathtaking beauty, delicious local cuisine and rich history like never before, choosing from a range of stylish MINI Coopers including convertibles for sun worshippers, two-door models for loved-up couples and even four-door cars for families.

Escorted by an expert island guide, the fun-filled tours will take travellers from Montego Bay to Ocho Rios and from Montego Bay to Negril, stopping at picturesque fishing villages, hidden waterfalls, pristine beaches, irresistible jerk stands and coconut vendors along the way.

This immersive tour, which is the first of its kind in Jamaica, will cater to both seasoned visitors as well as first time explorers, thanks to Island Routes’ plans to develop a whole series of Revolving Routes, which will offer a whole range of new paths to explore to ensure that visitors never get tired of exploring island life.


The adventure doesn’t end there for the island excursion company as Island Routes has also launched two new luxury catamarans that will take visitors cruising across the clear blue waters of the Caribbean complete with soothing reggae rhythms, thirst-quenching cocktails, spectacular panoramas, and a snorkelling adventure out at sea.

Holiday-makers can also ensure their holiday begins and ends in style thanks to the company’s new fleet of BMW 5 Series cars which offer private airport transfers and come complete with a private chauffeur, complimentary Wi-Fi and a selection of refreshing beverages.