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ICTP destination alliance appoints VP to further increase African memberships

ICTP destination alliance appoints VP to further increase African memberships

Chairman Juergen T. Steinmetz said: “Africa is an important region for ICTP. I feel ICTP is the ideal platform for African countries, cities, and regions to work together on a global scale and share marketing opportunities. We’re glad to have C. Paschal Eze work with us to further develop this market. With current ICTP alliance members in Africa - Seychelles, La Reunion, Zimbabwe, and Johannesburg – a foundation is already in place.”

Mr. Eze said: “It is an honor to work with such a well-meaning and high-powered global organization as ICTP that is committed to quality and responsible tourism. Serving as Vice President is in tandem with my long-standing interest, passion, and proven commitment to helping especially developing tourist destinations up the ante of their tourism product development and strategic marketing in robust but responsible ways that woo and wow tourists while uplifting host communities and protecting the environment.

“I look forward to engaging regularly with travel industry and public sector stakeholders in cities, states, and nations in exploring ways and means of making their destinations better branded, better known, better valued, better visited, and better sustained.”

Mr. Eze currently serves as Business Communication Advisor and is a certified training consultant. He has worked as entertainment manager of an eco-tourist resort, served as media consultant of a German tour in Gambia, worked as tourism reporter and columnist, written 13 books and counting, taught business communication, advised hotel owners and managers, served as editor-in-chief of a daily newspaper and monthly business magazine, served as editor-at-large of a lifestyle magazine, and served as correspondent of the Pan African News Agency (PANA).

Mr. Eze has widely traveled. He is an American who was born in Nigeria and has lived and worked in countries like Gambia.