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ICTP announce Mauritius as new member

ICTP announce Mauritius as new member

The International Council of Tourism Partners (ICTP) announced the Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority has joined as a destination member. The Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority (MTPA) is a parastatal organization established in 1996 by the MTPA Act. It is administered by a Board of Directors and operates under the aegis of the Ministry of Tourism and Leisure.

Determined to succeed in a label of its own, Mauritius wants to be the best island destination in the world. Dr. Karl Mootoosamy said: “We will develop the tourism industry with the people and welcome the opportunity to work in close collaboration with ICTP as it brings a broader approach to the tourism development and the strategies used, be it on a national or worldwide scale.”

The objectives of the MTPA are to promote Mauritius abroad as a tourist destination by conducting advertising campaigns and participating in tourism fairs, and organizing, in collaboration with the local tourism industry, promotional campaigns and activities in Mauritius and abroad.

The Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority works to provide information to tourists on facilities, infrastructures, and services available to them in Mauritius; to initiate such action as may be necessary to promote cooperation with other tourism agencies; to conduct research into market trends and market opportunities and disseminate such information and other relevant statistical data on Mauritius; and to advise the Minister on all matters relating to the promotion of tourism.

“The evidence of the work and focus of the Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority shows in the numerous awards it has received since its inception,” said Juergen T. Steinmetz, “Most recently, MTPA received World Travel Awards as the “World’s Leading Island Destination” in 2011, and the “Indian Ocean’s Leading Destination,” as well as “Indian Ocean’s Leading Beach Destination” in 2010.”