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ICTP supports uplifting new technology development

ICTP supports uplifting new technology development

In a letter from the book, “Green Growth and Travelism – Letters from Leaders,” Frank McCosker shows how the Internet technology revolutionises the way people travel and how the disruptive technology, “Super Wi-Fi,” can actually provide the much-needed cheap and seamless access to the Internet.

This “Super Wi-Fi” technology leverages unused TV spectrum to provide Internet access at broadband types of speed. Its main advantages are that it can cover distances anywhere between three and ten times greater than those covered by existing unlicensed wireless solutions and that its signal is much less impeded by obstructions such as walls and buildings.

The Super Wi-Fi can not only reduce the digital divide between rural and urban areas, as well as between developed and less-developed countries, at an affordable price, it can also do so sustainably. Indeed, base stations can be designed to run on wind or solar power, therefore, creating a green and sustainable broadband solution.

As expanding connectivity goes hand in hand with expanding tourism, such disruptive innovation is primordial. McCosker predicts that universal access to broadband will be one of the most important drivers of economic growth supporting the growth of inbound and outbound tourism in the coming decade.