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ICTP alliance welcomes .Travel

ICTP alliance welcomes .Travel

The International Council of Tourism Partners (ICTP) is pleased to announce .Travel Registry has joined the organization as an affiliated member.

Bryan Henderson, Managing Director for .Travel Registry, said: “Travel means destinations. Linking travel products and services to destinations is the easiest way to build identity and to leverage marketing budgets. In the .Travel top level domain, we see every day that destinations and destination marketing are leading the development of the travel industry on the Internet.”

Juergen Thomas Steinmetz, Chairman of the ICTP, said: “We’re pleased to welcome the .Travel Registry to be part of our destination alliance. The .travel domain is becoming more and more the standard for many destinations and leading tourism organizations to market their destination or company.”

The ICTP global destination alliance supports and promotes countries, regions, and cities access, providing joint activities in marketing, PR, education, and lobbying efforts. ICTP shares a belief with its members that well-managed travel and tourism is a driver for community businesses, jobs, and ultimately well being and happiness. Members include: Bhutan Tourism Council, Joburg Tourism (Johannesburg, South Africa), Reunion Island Tourism, Seychelles Tourism Board, Sultanate of Oman Ministry of Tourism, and the Zimbabwe Tourism Authority. Affiliated members include: Alam Resorts Indonesia, eTurboNews,, Hawaii Tourism Association, International Institute for Peace Through Tourism, Sustainable Travel International. Affiliated membership is open to global tourism stakeholders and tourism professionals in member regions.

The International Council of Tourism Partners is also a force for socially responsible and sustainable travel. The ICTP supports the UN Millennium Development Goals, the UN World Tourism Organization’s Global Code of Ethics for Tourism, and a range of programs that underpin them. ICTP is committed to quality in all aspects of destination management and marketing, as well as green growth that promotes low-carbon and environmentally-sound development.