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Icelandic volcano eruption closes airport

Icelandic volcano eruption closes airport

Iceland’s main international airport has been shut down and domestic flights have been cancelled, following the eruption of Iceland’s most active volcano.

Ash from eruption of Grimsvotn is expected to reach Scotland in the next couple of days before travelling to France and Spain.

Despite the closure of Keflavic Airport and flight cancellations, Iceland’s Meteorological Office claims the eruption should not cause widespread disruption to air traffic.

Last April, the Eyjafjoell eruption prompted aviation officials to close Europe’s air space for five days in a bid to protect jet engines from the ash.

The result was the grounding of thousands of flights, which cost airlines millions of pounds and disrupted travel plans for millions of passengers across Europe.


According to reports, prior to this latest eruption, there were small earthquakes around the glacier at the foot of the volcano. This was followed by the biggest eruption at the site since 1873.