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IATA recognises Finnair environmental commitment

IATA recognises Finnair environmental commitment

Finnair has become the first airline in Europe, and only second in the world, to be certified as a Stage 2 operator in the IATA Environmental Assessment program.

The IATA program is an environmental management system designed to independently assess and improve an airline’s environmental standards.

“This certification is proof of our commitment to environmental leadership within the aviation industry,” says Pekka Vauramo, chief executive of Finnair.

“Environmental sustainability is at the core of Finnair’s operations and we are continuously working to improve our performance.

“We believe that developing common environmental standards and assessment for the aviation industry is important and we are proud to be the forerunners in this field.

“This is an issue that matters to our customers and we are pleased to be able to offer more sustainable options for their air travel.”

Finnair has set ambitious environmental performance targets for its operations:

  • A 40 per cent reduction of anti-icing fluid usage in 2014–2016.
  • A 20 per cent reduction of CO2 emissions in 2009–2017.
  • A ten per cent reduction of energy usage in corporate facilities in 2007–2016.
  • A ten per cent decrease of the non-EU waste/passenger in 2014–2016.
  • A 40 per cent noise reduction in 2014–2017.

“Everything we can do to minimise our carbon profile as an airline is a benefit for the environment and for our ability to generate shareholder value,” said Ville Iho, chief operating officer, Finnair.

“In the long run, however, environmental performance is like safety—it is something that all airlines benefit from with sector-wide cooperation.

“The standards of the IEnvA program help us and all airlines improve fuel efficiency, reduce waste and limit greenhouse gas emissions in our operations.”

The environmental standards that underpin IEnvA are based on recognised environmental management system principles and have been developed by a joint team of environmental consultants and airline experts, including some Finnair personnel.

Airline assessments - including Finnair’s - are undertaken by independent accredited Environmental Assessment Organisations that have demonstrated competencies in aviation and environmental auditing.

The scope of IEnvA is limited to flight operations and corporate activities, but modules covering ground and MRO operations are currently under development.