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Hotels offered sales insight with StarCite Business Intelligence Suite

Hotels offered sales insight with StarCite Business Intelligence Suite

StarCite, Inc., the leading provider of web-based solutions to strategically manage corporate meetings and events, today announced the launch of a powerful new Business Intelligence Suite for hotels and meetings suppliers. 

The new offering dramatically increases the level of in-depth sales knowledge hotels can glean from their meetings activity within the StarCite Marketplace – enabling companies to make better sales decisions and ultimately win more meetings business.

“In an incredibly intense competitive environment for meetings, the right data can be the difference between making or missing your sales targets,” said David O’Donohoe, Senior Vice President, Global Supplier Sales and Operations, StarCite. 

“With StarCite Business Intelligence, hotels will have the power to make the smartest, most strategic decisions about how to promote their property and utilize their resources. 

“Coupled with the scope of the StarCite Marketplace, the largest and most dynamic eRFP market in the world, this is an unbeatable combination for suppliers.”


There are five key elements that comprise StarCite’s new Business Intelligence Suite for hotels:

  • Knowledge – A detailed view into all RFPs delivered by StarCite to a hotel property.

  • Manage – Ability to monitor RFP response times so hotels can determine optimal staffing and training needs.

  • Evaluate – Determine whether a property is getting its fair share of activity in its local market.

  • Analyze – A deep dive into key RFP trends such as win/loss ratio, how RFPs are being handled by a hotel sales force, and year-over-year
  • comparisons to measure performance.

  • Compete – Hotels can rank their RFP response performance against their competitive set.

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