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Hotel prices spike for New Year’s Eve

Hotel prices spike for New Year’s Eve

If you need a hotel room in London for New Year’s Eve, expect to spend almost 200 per cent more than usual, according to a survey conducted by

The survey compared accommodation costs in 30 major European destinations for December 31st 2015.

With a rate of £187 for the least expensive double room (in a hotel rated at least three stars), the English capital ranks as the fifth priciest city overall in Europe.

Compared to what London visitors would have to spend for the most affordable room on a regular Thursday in January, that’s an increase of 192 per cent.

“While some hotels increase their rates by 300 per cent or more on December 31st, you can still find three star hotels for less than £200, and four stars for around £250,” said Paul Joseph from


“Given that around 20 per cent of hotels in Central London are still offering available rooms, rates may even start to drop a little at the last minute,” he continues.

The most expensive city in Europe according to the survey is the Scottish capital of Edinburgh, where visitors will have to spend more than £300 for a room – an increase of almost 600 per cent on regular rates.

Also more expensive than London are Reykjavik (£296), Amsterdam (£236) and Hamburg (£204).