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Hong Kong seeks to limit Chinese birth tourism

Hong Kong seeks to limit Chinese birth tourism

Hong Kong is to seek to prevent Chinese women giving birth on its territory unless they have a husband from the special administrative region.

The plan is part of proposals put forward by incoming chief executive CY Leung, who takes office on July 1st.

Hong Kong public hospitals would deny maternity services to pregnant women from the mainland under the proposals.

Private hospitals are also thought to have agreed to follow suit.

Increasing numbers of women from mainland China have sought to give birth in Hong Kong in order to ensure their child receives Hong Kong citizenship.

Ethnic Chinese babies born in Hong Kong currently automatically receive the right to live and work there.

However, “birth tourism” is unpopular with locals in Hong Kong, who claim the trend places strain on resources.

Many mainland Chinese come to Hong Kong to take advantage of stronger medical facilities, while it is also possible to skirt the mainland one-child policy.

Almost half of all babies born in Hong Kong in 2010 were the children of mainland couples, according to government figures.