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Hong Kong mid Autumn festival promotes local culture

Hong Kong mid Autumn festival promotes local culture

The highlight of this mega event is the “Lee Kum Kee Lantern Wonderland” in Victoria Park, which production cost is wholly sponsored by Lee Kum Kee. Simultaneously, the HKTB is actively promoting the legendary fire dragon dance performances in Tai Hang and Pok Fu Lam, as well as other celebratory activities organised by the Leisure and Cultural Services Development (LCSD) in Victoria Park and various districts of Hong Kong, with a view to encouraging visitors’ participation.
HKTB Chairman Mr James Tien said: “The HKTB has all along actively promoted the Mid-Autumn Festival and its distinctive local celebrations to visitors. These include the Tai Hang Fire Dragon Dance, which was inscribed onto the national list of intangible cultural heritage. This year, under the ‘Hong Kong Mid-Autumn Festival’, we are turning Causeway Bay, Tai Hang and Tin Hau into a focal point or cluster of celebrations, which we hope would stimulate further interest in this important Chinese festival. We are also publicising the programmes in different districts through various channels, encouraging visitors to take part in the activities, during which they can rub shoulders with local residents and immerse in our vibrant, festive culture.”
The centrepiece of “Hong Kong Mid-Autumn Festival” is the “Lee Kum Kee Lantern Wonderland”, which production cost is wholly sponsored by Lee Kum Kee. Mr Jeffrey Lee, Managing Director (North Asia & Pacific Region) of Lee Kum Kee (International) Trading Ltd said: “As a century-old ethnic Chinese enterprise, Lee Kum Kee honours traditional Chinese culture and values the importance of ‘family’. The full moon during Mid-Autumn Festival is a symbol of family reunion. In this festive season, we encourage all of you to show your love and care through dining. By promoting ‘Show Your Love Through Taste’, we hope all Hong Kong people will enjoy a joyous family meal and feel the affections and thoughtfulness that go along with every delicious dish. Joining hands with the HKTB to present the world’s largest lantern, we hope to bring love and happiness to every Hong Kong people and tourist.”
The theme of the “Lee Kum Kee Lantern Wonderland”, which will be installed at soccer pitch No. 6 in Victoria Park, centres upon a giant fish-shape sculpture made from lanterns. In the Cantonese dialect, “fish” and “entertainment” have the same sound, and this bright fish sculpture alludes to the kaleidoscopic offerings of Hong Kong as a travel destination that range from world-class wine-and-dine options to endless entertainment.

The sculpture will be constructed with Hong Kong’s unique bamboo scaffolding, and will comprise of more than a thousand traditional Chinese lanterns. Surrounding it will be a number of small fish lanterns. Together they offer a stunning, glittering backdrop for photo-taking from afar. The design is created by Hong Kong-based architect Mr William Lim, winner of the design competition organised by the HKTB with support from the Hong Kong Designers Association, the Hong Kong Institute of Architects and the Hong Kong Ambassadors of Design. The mega fish-shape sculpture will measure 37 metres in length, 9.6 metres in width and 13 metres in height, and is set to break the Guinness World Record as the “largest sculpture made from lanterns” anywhere in the world.

Aside from the Lantern Wonderland, the HKTB is also promoting the fire dragon dance, which is a main activity during Mid-Autumn Festival in Hong Kong. The well-known performance organised by the Tai Hang Residents’ Welfare Association will take place from 11 to 13 September. On the evening of the Mid-Autumn Festival (12 September), the route will be extended to Victoria Park, whereas in Pok Fu Lam Village, another fire dragon dance will be performed as well by the village community.

Separately, starting from early September, the LCSD is putting together lantern displays and carnivals in various districts, including Tsim Sha Tsui, West Kowloon, Sha Tin and Tin Shui Wai, as well as a lantern design competition entries exhibition in City Hall. The multifarious Mid-Autumn activities throughout Hong Kong are certainly going to brighten up Asia’s World City this September.



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