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Hamad International Airport Welcomes DHL Boeing 767-300, Strengthening Regional Logistics Hub Status

Hamad International Airport Welcomes DHL Boeing 767-300, Strengthening Regional Logistics Hub Status

In line with its ongoing expansion strategy, Hamad International Airport (DOH) welcomes the first DHL Boeing 767-300 flight, marking a significant milestone in DHL’s growth within Qatar and reinforcing the airport’s position as a regional logistics hub.

The new flight, which landed at Hamad International Airport on January 12, highlights the collaborative efforts between DHL and the award-winning airport. Rooted in shared values of excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction – this strategic partnership aligns seamlessly with the airport’s mission to facilitate global trade and connectivity – while simultaneously bolstering DHL’s footprint in the region.

As Qatar’s ultimate gateway, Hamad International Airport has played a pivotal role in connecting nations and fostering trade relationships. DHL’s flight further exemplifies the airport’s dedication to supporting global trade and logistics – showcasing its world-class services, facilities, and efficient operations.

Michael Mcmillan, Senior Vice President of Operations & Facilities Management at Hamad International Airport, said: ” This moment marks the initiation of a promising partnership between Hamad International Airport and DHL. As a central hub for logistics in the region, Hamad International Airport is committed to fostering collaborative efforts that amplify our role in facilitating global trade. We are delighted to welcome DHL’s operations to our state-of-the-art facilities – as this partnership heralds a new chapter in our shared commitment to excellence, innovation, and seamless connectivity.”

Ahmed Elfangary, Country Manager of DHL Express Qatar, added: “We are thrilled to witness the landing of DHL’s first Boeing 767-300 flight at Hamad International Airport reinforcing Qatar’s position as a pivotal logistics hub in the region. Qatar’s strategic location and visionary approach have made it an ideal gateway for trade and commerce and as DHL, we are proud to play a significant role in connecting businesses globally through our extensive network and innovative solutions. This milestone further strengthens our commitment to supporting Qatar’s vision and contributing to the growth of the logistics industry in the region.”


DHL’s prominent position as a leader in the global logistics industry, boasting the largest market share in the MENA region, profoundly influences this strategic partnership. The importance of this flight is further highlighted as it aligns with DHL’s sustainability commitments, which aims for zero emissions by 2050 through the reduction of fuel consumption and promotion of Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) in line with the GoGreen Plus initiative launched in 2023.

Hamad International Airport previously announced that it handled 2,340,711 tons of cargo in 2023, marking a 1% increase from the year prior, which demonstrates an upward trend in cargo operations. The airport is currently advancing into phase B of its expansion plans, positioning itself to reintroduce travel on an even grander scale. The ambitious expansion aims to welcome over 70 million travelers annually, embodying a multi-faceted strategy for an exceptional overall airport experience.

This strategic partnership with DHL sets the tone for a dynamic 2024, where Hamad International Airport plans to welcome more airline partners, enhance connectivity, and play a vital role in supporting the state of Qatar in hosting various world-class events. Additionally, 2024 will be a milestone year as Hamad International Airport celebrates its 10th year of operations.