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Guam launches buy local initiative

Guam launches buy local initiative

The US Department of the Interior’s Office of Insular Affairs recently funded a buy local program on Guam. The targeted marketing education campaign was developed by the University of Guam (UOG) Pacific Center for Economic Initiatives and Guam Economic Development Authority (GEDA) to promote the economic benefits of supporting Guam-based businesses and organizations and Guam-based hiring.

It is intended to motivate Guam consumers, businesses, and other organizations to shift spending by at least 10 percent towards Guam-based businesses. It will also promote the increase of jobs for Guam residents. It is hoped Guam’s local tax base will expand to support public health care, safety, and education; roads and water systems; public parks; reduced carbon footprint; and better balance of trade.

The campaign encourages the support of Guam Visitors Bureau’s Hafa Adai Pledge to strengthen the Guam brand. The Hafa Adai Pledge is an organization’s commitment to introduce, contribute, and practice elements of Chamorro and Guam culture into their business protocols, reinforcing the island’s unique identity.

Organizations participate by integrating cultural practices into daily business protocols. Simple gestures like greeting everyone in person, on the phone, in letters or email with “Hafa Adai,” as well as displaying the Guam brand signature mark on their business letterhead, the adoption of Hafa Adai Fridays, or supporting handicrafts, performing arts, and other examples are documented with a pledge of support to solidify Guam’s identity.

“The Hafa Adai Pledge finds its origin in the inherent spirit of the Chamorro people, the native inhabitants of Guam,” GVB General Manager, Joann Camacho, said, “By coupling the pledge with the ‘Buy Local’ initiative, we are able to support local businesses on Guam and offer more local products to our visitors. This makes for an authentic cultural experience on our island and perpetuates the Hafa Adai spirit for which this community is known.”