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Green Globe re-certifies Hotel Concorde, Berlin

Green Globe re-certifies Hotel Concorde, Berlin

Since its initial certification in 2010, this luxury hotel has continued to be a leader in sustainability and responsible tourism, and is continuously committed to minimizing the impact on the environment.

“It is our objective to increase awareness among our staff and guests, and we feel honored to achieve the prestigious Green Globe award and international recognition for the third year in a row,” said Frank Ketterer, General Manager at Hotel Concorde, Berlin, “We developed a concept combining luxury and tourism, placing social and environmental values in the center of all our action. This year, we improved again and were able to lower our energy costs by another 5.1 percent, while waste management costs are cut by 31 percent.”

The property’s zero-impact policy encourages guests to support a carbon-neutral stay and to minimize their environmental footprint. Cleaning of bed linen and bathrooms are provided on request, or every two days, and all cleaning products are non-toxic and eco-labeled. The hotel developed a line of eco-certified and organic welcome gifts, and all stationery and supplies are made of recycled plastics and paper. Packaging is reduced to a minimum, and local suppliers are given preference. Guests are invited to join local environmental and community-related activities, promoting awareness, and the hotel offers a number of options for sustainable meetings under its motto “Meet and Commit.”

Concorde Hotels&Resorts support projects run by CARE France, a nonprofit organization helping people affected by global climate change and developing appropriate initiatives to promote sustainable agriculture, improve food supply, provide access to water, and respond to natural disasters. At a local level, the hotel rewards staff-wide volunteer initiatives in the community, and business training is offered to integrate awareness and achieve the environmental goals set by the hotel.

Green Globe Certification’s CEO, Guido Bauer, said: “We are extremely pleased to re-certify the Hotel Concorde Berlin. This property is a trendsetter in the luxury hotel industry and complies with an impressive 94 percent against Green Globe Certification sustainability criteria. The hotel offers an outstanding training plan to their staff members, and over the past few months, employees have benefitted from 5 training sessions.”