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Greater Fort Lauderdale welcomes latest diving wreck

Greater Fort Lauderdale welcomes latest diving wreck

Greater Fort Lauderdale in Florida, home to the largest collection of warm-water wrecks in the Western world, has confirmed a new addition to the collection in the form of Lady Luck.

The vessel will be lowered to the seabed on Saturday, July 23rd.

Complete with the world’s first underwater art gallery, the 324-foot tanker ship will be one of the biggest contributions to Florida’s artificial reef system, the most easily accessible major dive site in the nation.

The length of a football field and taller than the Statue of Liberty, Lady Luck is scheduled to be sunk just one mile from the Pompano Beach fishing pier, in the Greater Fort Lauderdale area.

It will be the centrepiece of what will become Shipwreck Park, surrounded by 16 other existing wrecks already inhabited by marine flora and fauna.


Taking inspiration from the ships name, distinguished artist Dennis MacDonald has created a casino themed installation allowing divers to navigate poker tables and slot machines as they explore the vessel.

Divers of all levels will have access to the sunken ship. Interesting features for exploration include 16 staterooms, the captain’s deck, galley, engine room, tanker holding bays and a collection of rotating underwater art exhibits.