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Government advises Briton to leave Japan

Government advises Briton to leave Japan

The British government is chartering planes to fly Britons who want to leave Tokyo back to the UK.

Britain has advised its nationals in Tokyo and in north eastern Japan to consider leaving due to radiation fears after explosions at a nuclear power station in Fukushima Daiichi.

Two Air France planes have evacuated a number of French nationals.

As well as radiation fears, residents in Tokyo and north of the capital are suffering power cuts and water shortages.

The US has called upon Americans living within 80km of Fukushima to leave the area, although the Japanese government has set 20km as an exclusion zone.


In a travel update, the Japan National Tourism Organisation said: “While painstaking rescue and recovery efforts continue in the severely struck Tohoku region, the capital city Tokyo has been recovering from a strong shock, and western Japan is unharmed.

“Both Narita and Haneda airports have been reopened, although public transportation in and around Tokyo has been recovered only partially.”

It said in Tokyo and the surrounding areas, periodical blackouts have been imposed for power conservation, causing train delays and cancellation.

“Some hotels and other businesses shorten the business hours, and it is recommended to refer their updates in advance. This region may also experience some aftershocks.”