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GolfSwitch powers Marriott UK’s new mobile tee time application

GolfSwitch powers Marriott UK’s new mobile tee time application

Marriott Hotels & Resorts in the UK have launched their new mobile application with the cooperation of GolfSwitch, the world’s leader in online tee time technology and distribution.

The new mobile app offers golfers the possibility to look at all the Marriott’s UK properties with an overview, description, hole by hole fly over, scoring, statistics but more importantly ... instant and real time tee time reservations.

Jo Maes, Managing Director GolfSwitch International Ltd: “Marriott UK have really benefited from the GolfSwitch technology for their online tee time bookings. If we look at some of the reporting, we see a constant rise in the number of bookings and more importantly, a rise in auxiliary revenue generated by their web tee time bookings. Adding a mobile tool to that offering so that the golfer looking to book a Marriott golf course at anytime of the day or night via his mobile or smart phone is obviously where the online ‘sphere’ is heading. We are delighted that Marriott once again is proving to be the fore runner and embraces the GolfSwitch technology to provide their customers with a better and real time service.”

Bookings via the mobile app work exactly the same as via the GolfSwitch portal site. The system checks real time availability within the tee sheet of the course and when a booking is made, the golf course’s database is updated and the relevant people get an instant confirmation. This is also a significant cost saving for the clubs as they don’t have to answer phone calls or check email bookings. Both the GolfSwitch’s extensive reporting as well as the course tee time system shows that the booking was made via the mobile application allowing to measure the success.

Apart from the mobile booking engine and the web tee time portal, Marriott Hotels & Resorts also uses the GolfSwitch Vacation Packaging engine whereby golfers can book a room and a round both in real time and in one transaction which is unique in the golfing industry. This allows golfers to check availability of both the room and the tee time before making a decision. The last thing a golfer wants is to book a room and then find out the golf course is fully booked !


GolfSwitch has developed some new and groundbreaking engines that will change the golf industry and how courses manage their available inventory for ever.