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Globus family honored with certification from Sustainable Travel International

Globus family honored with certification from Sustainable Travel International

The Globus family of brands has been honored with the distinguished Sustainable Tourism Education Program™ (STEP) Bronze Certification. This certification is a flagship program of Sustainable Travel International, a leading nonprofit which helps destinations, businesses, and travelers implement innovative solutions that support sustainable tourism development.  A gold standard in sustainable business management, STEP is among the first global standards to be formally recognized by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC), and Globus is the first major tour operator to receive the certification.

“For years, we have strived to operate in the most environmentally, socially and economically responsible way, possible,” said Scott Nisbet, president and CEO of the Globus family of brands.  “We are thrilled Sustainable Travel International is honoring our efforts with the STEP Bronze Certification.  This recognition only strengthens our resolve and commitment to reduce our environmental footprint with help from our volunteer-based Green Team.”

Some examples of Globus’ focus on sustainability efforts, resulting in the STEP Bronze Certification, include:

-      Decreasing water consumption by nearly 30 percent (from 2010-2011)
-      Reducing overall paper usage by nearly 10 percent (from 2010-2011)
-      Recycling nearly 50 percent of the company’s total waste (100 percent of the company’s recyclable waste is recycled)
-      Using only non-toxic, natural chemicals for cleaning
-      Encouraging more telecommuters (30 percent of the company’s Call Center associates telecommute; nearly 40 percent of the company’s Air representatives also telecommute)

In addition to increasing environmentally friendly efforts for internal operations, Globus is also focused on sustainability on the road with its tour product.  For instance, the company uses motorcoaches that are newer than 5-years-old and are equipped with the latest technology in emission control and reduction.  And, it’s this utilization of modern motorcoaches that provides nearly 207 passenger miles per gallon (making coaches 7 times more energy- and fuel-efficient than a single-occupancy automobile).  Each motorcoach used replaces as many as 55 passenger cars on the road.

Supporting international conservation efforts is also important to the Globus family of brands as is showcased through partnerships with Tourism Cares, Fundacion Galápagos and the National Park Foundation (NPF), the official charity of America’s national parks.


“Globus’ commitment to sustainability is both impressive and important to the travel industry, given the thousands of travelers the organization serves on an annual basis,” said Brian T. Mullis, CEO and President of Sustainable Travel International. “We’re thrilled to recognize the organization’s progress, and look forward to working together with the Globus team as they pursue higher levels of certification in the coming years.”