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Global Publishing expands vacations & travel in the Middle East

Global Publishing expands vacations & travel in the Middle East

In a climate when many travel magazines are shifting direction or downsizing, Global Publishing continues to expand apace with the launch of Vacations & Travel Middle East, a magazine license/franchise to new company Lulua Publishing House.

The new publication will see the award-winning Vacations & Travel content reproduced in Arabic for a Middle Eastern audience, with Lulua targeting the region’s upwardly mobile, and extremely well travelled, population at a time when the Middle East is enjoying a liberation of, and significant growth in, the arts.

Lulua Publishing House was established in 2011, with Vacations & Travel Middle East one of the company’s first acquisitions in a magazine stable set to include publications focused on self-development, inspiration, empowerment, motivation, and mental and physical wellbeing. While visiting Australia recently, Lulua also agreed to licence the ACP title, Good Health.

The new license/franchise agreement is testament to the quality and staying power of Vacations & Travel, Australia’s longest-running travel magazine, celebrating 29 years in 2012.

“This is a significant and extremely exciting development for Global Publishing,” said Anthony Gallagher, owner and publisher/managing editor of the company. “It’s the first of many steps we’ll be taking to reach new markets in 2012 and beyond.”