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Global aviation traffic continues steady ascent, ACI figures reveal

Global aviation traffic continues steady ascent, ACI figures reveal

Airports Council International World has reported global passenger traffic growth remained strong in April, with a 6.1 per cent increase on a year-over-year basis.

This is just below its 12-months rolling average of 6.5 per cent.

Although growth in passenger traffic remains robust, the month of April marked a slight departure from the recent months’ high growth levels mainly due to the timing of this year’s Easter period.

ACI’s month-by-month passenger and freight statistics are based on a significant sample of airports that provide regular reports and form part of one of the world’s most comprehensive sources for airport data.

Freight volumes experienced a global growth rate of 4.5 per cent following a slower month of March.


“While passenger traffic has continued to follow the strong growth trend already established in 2018, we have seen the growth of freight volumes showing some signs of recovery from earlier in the year,” said Angela Gittens, ACI World director general.

“Breaking with a general trend observed over the last year, domestic traffic was the major contributor to global growth in April with international traffic slowing.

“International freight was the main driver of the bounce in volumes in April, following a slower month of March, with the market showing some resilience in the face of the growing risk of increased protectionism trade wars.

“Although the 12-month rolling average remained strong at 7.1 per cent, it appears the high growth trend observed throughout most of 2017 is starting to subside.”

The global figure for domestic traffic reached 7.1 per cent year-over-year for the month, bringing its year-to-date to 6.2 per cent.

International passenger traffic moderated to 4.9 per cent for April, from 10.5 per cent in March.

In terms of total passenger traffic, Asia-Pacific and Africa both benefitted from high growth, with 9.9 per cent and nine per cent respectively on a year-over-year basis.

Most major Asia-Pacific markets posted solid growth during the period, with India, once again, leading the group, growing by 20.4% per cent year-over-year.

The country has recently been growing at a particularly fast rate, its 12-months rolling average now standing at 16 per cent, from 14.3 per cent in March.

Indonesia and China also reached double-digit growth in April, with 13.5 per cent and 11.8 per cent respectively.