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Germany’s Congress Center Leipzig demonstrates growth in balance

Germany’s Congress Center Leipzig demonstrates growth in balance

Green Globe announces re-certification of the Congress Center Leipzig in Leipzig, Germany. This award-winning event venue has demonstrated commitment to corporate social responsibility for years – and with visible success! True to their motto, “Growing in Balance,” the entire Leipzig Trade Fair group aims to create a new balance between economic growth and responsibility for the environment and the community.

“We are Germany’s first large trade fair group, which successfully passed the Green Globe sustainability audit multiple times now,” said Martin Buhl-Wagner, President and CEO at Leipzig Trade Fair. “Environmentally-friendly and sustainable practices have become part of our corporate philosophy. This means for us to take a responsible approach to our business activities, meeting our economic objectives, while respecting ecological and social aspects. Sustainable management allows us to actively integrate the interests of our clients, employees, and partners into corporate decisions.”

A transparent and measurable long-term sustainability management system is fully integrated at the Congress Center Leipzig – environmental goals are specified and monitored on a regular basis. Some of the best practices include the use of eco-certified cleaning products on the inside and outside of the exhibition grounds, recycled and biodegradable materials, waste separation and ecological waste disposal. When fair trade halls are not in use or are retrofitted for the next event, only the energy that is required to maintain the building substance is supplied. “Giving back to nature what humans took away” is a substantial part of the business philosophy, and the rooftop green space sets a wonderful example. The green roof extends the lifetime of the roof seal, acting as a mechanical barrier to extreme temperatures, UV radiation, and other weather-related effects.

Awareness is promoted via an excellent communication program – geared toward staff and visitors. As part of their responsibility programs the company assists all employees with balancing their family and work life. In addition, regular activities helping to increase a healthy lifestyle are offered. Employees benefit from ‘Health Days’, which include seminars on nutrition and fitness, body fat analysis, and cardiovascular check-ups.

The Congress Center Leipzig is actively involved with the community and works with numerous charitable projects. A special training plan was developed for talented young athletes, which allows them to balance sports and career, while completing their education. Leipzig Trade Fair group supports young people in the region, who have registered searching for work, with internships, training, and work places or even volunteer work in the social sector.