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GBTA launches GBTA Brazil

GBTA launches GBTA Brazil

The Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) the voice of the global business travel industry is pleased to announce the launch of GBTA Brazil, which will expand the focus of business travel management through conferences and educational offerings in Brazil.  GBTA Brazil will work closely with GBTA Latin America and focus on growth and development of the organization, supporting GBTA’s ongoing commitment to globalisation.

GBTA is proud to announce the appointment of Wellington Costa to the newly created position of President of GBTA Brazil.  Costa currently serves as the regional director of TCG Consulting for Latin America where he is responsible for corporate travel management, procurement, training and education in Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico. He spent over 30 years as a travel manager working for Sedco Forex Drilling Company (Schlumberger), the U.S. Embassy and Telefonica.  He also worked in the airline industry with Varig Brazilian Airlines and Pan American World Airlines and brings over 35 years of industry experience to his new role.

“GBTA is thrilled to be branching out further into Brazil with the leadership of Wellington Costa. We are certain that he will be instrumental in bringing the wide-range of benefits GBTA has to offer to members across Brazil and will extend the GBTA global footprint,” said Luis Yglesias, GBTA’s regional director for Latin America.  “We are pleased with the response to our expansion throughout Central and South America including the launch of volunteer organizations in Argentina, Costa Rica, Chile, Peru, Colombia, Panama and now Brazil. It’s an exciting time for the association as we bring together more travel managers globally to share resources and know-how and elevate the profession of travel management.”

“Spearheading this important effort is an honor for me. I believe in strength in numbers and uniting buyers around the world who share in the common goal of pushing progress forward. Careers will be enhanced and companies around the world will benefit as we take the profession to the next level,” said Wellington Costa.