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GBTA Foundation launches Travel Technology Maturity Index

GBTA Foundation launches Travel Technology Maturity Index

The GBTA Foundation, the research and education arm of the Global Business Travel Association, has created a breakthrough tool to help travel managers determine whether they are using the most effective travel technology tools for their organisation.  Sponsored by Orbitz For Business, this first-of-its-kind Travel Technology Maturity Index enables organisations to objectively evaluate their use of travel-related technology against a set of best-practice standards.  The tool provides feedback on opportunities to improve their travel management program by making better use of technology in the context of a given organisation’s needs and goals.

“We are excited to see how this new tool can help our members save time and money by ensuring they are making the best use of the latest technology,” said Joseph Bates, GBTA Foundation vice president of research.“We are thankful for the GBTA Technology Committee and the Travel Technology Task Force for their efforts in developing this tool. By using the Travel Technology Maturity Index, GBTA members can ensure they are adopting the right tools and services for their specific company’s needs.”

The Travel Technology Maturity Index will assess technology use in any and/or all of the following categories:

- Data - deriving value from information gathered
- Meetings - managing meeting-related activities and expenses
- Traveler Experience - improving the traveler’s experience
- Reservation Processing / Approval - approving and fulfilling a travelers’ arrangements
- Expense Management - paying for/reimbursing travel-related expenses
- Shopping / Booking - finding travel options and managing purchased travel arrangements

“At Orbitz for Business, our mission is to create world-class, consumerised technology solutions to power the next generation of business travel,” said Anne Marie Razza, vice president of product strategy and development, Orbitz for Business. “We are proud to partner with the GBTA Foundation to provide this innovative tool to companies of all sizes to help them find new ways to use technology to optimise their travel programs.”