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Gaviota Spa & Clinic announces new skin therapy

Gaviota Spa & Clinic announces new skin therapy

Gaviota Spa & Clinic is revolutionising the aesthetic world with the combined use of seaweeds, magneto therapy, mud therapy, Thermalism and thalassotherapy, creating a unique combination that is already being called “The Fountain of Youth”.

The combined therapy will be offered at Clinics Spa-Gaviota, and has been developed by Dr. Garis L Silega, President of the American Society of Thermalism. The results are self-evident and cause a cellular hydration and appearance that will make your skin and face look 10 to 20 years younger.

The Therapy also causes hormonal stimulation, with an increase of sexual appetite, greater vaginal lubrication and good erections for men. Other processed natural and physical stimulants can also be used to achieve this result.

This therapy also includes certain natural products based on herbs and roots in the form of infusions to create a treatment complex that increases the organism’s functional capacity. This is why it is already recommended for high performance athletes and reduces the duration of muscular injuries with rapid recovery.

Samples of these will be sent to major professional athletic clubs to be tried. In some cases they can be combined with trips to health tourist centers where their natural therapeutic effects are indicated.


In the quest for a better quality of life among the elderly, this revolutionary cellular therapy could be indicated for the prevention of cerebral ischemia’s, cerebrovascular accidents, and degenerative diseases of the nervous system such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s, among others.

What is a Gaviota Spa?

Gaviota Spa & Clinic (GSC), is not a clinic, neither is it a traditional spa. However, it does perform the basic functions of these establishments. It is a center to promote health, prevent illness and restore the normal functions of the body. This spa is where you will be able to learn how to live a healthy life. It combines the functions of both Spa and Clinics.

The emergence and development of Spa Gaviota is a necessity of modern society. Much has been said about the diseases modern society faces and the risks they bring; Spa Gaviota has become a vehicle to find the most effective weapon against these diseases. Gaviota Spa’s therapeutic program comes complete with different massage therapy, breathing exercises and relaxation for asthmatics, hydrotherapy, mud packs, herbal bath, heliotherapy, quartz lamps treatments, seawater inhalations, aromatic and medicinal herbs, etc.

The wellness industry is booming and products and services related to wellness are hitting the market at a rapid pace. Consumers seek a trusted source for expert advice and a consistent spa experience. Gaviota Spa & Clinic consultants are all professionally trained to provide the highest quality, most knowledgeable service to our clients. We provide an affordable alternative to the excessive cost of spas while maintaining the highest quality of personal care and attention.

Gaviota Spa & Clinic is filling a need for the local products and expert services in a neighborhood wellness center.

With a community Gaviota Spa, customers can escape the daily grind and slip away to “The Fountain of Youth” and get consistent service every time they visit.
All franchise companies’ promise good training and support. Gaviota Spa & Clinic truly delivers! As well they should. Franchising is a unique business model where the franchisor only does well if you do well. Owning a franchise should give you some substantial advantages over mom-and-pop business owners and the single biggest advantage is aggressive training and support. A franchise is a systematised way of doing business and the training and support helps you coax out revenue gains by following a preset system.

Gaviota Spa & Clinic Gaviota Spa support staff work with franchisees on training and marketing strategy from the very beginning, usually several weeks or even months before the spa opens. There’s always a lot of legwork to be done: signing a real estate lease, generating leads for pre-sales, learning the ins and outs of equipment, staffing, products and computer systems. Of course, that’s only the beginning. Once the spa opens, there are ongoing and ever - changing needs.
The Gaviota Spa & Clinic Gaviota Spa team is there to help with all the twists and turns opening and running a business entails.

Help comes in the form of online trainings, live weekly seminars, private telephone consultations, on-site visits, yearly regional conferences, manuals and newsletters. New equipment and retail products are backed up with substantial training and support. Plus, all the critical information needed, including procedure manuals and a large archive of educational webinars, are available at any time online.

Once a lease has been signed, franchisees are able to attend Gaviota Spa’s Franchise and Manager School, a four-day intensive training program at corporate headquarters. They immerse in a variety of topics, including management, skincare, marketing, customer service and employee relations. When it comes time for the much-anticipated grand opening week, franchisees can work with an on-site specialist for five consecutive days.

Whether you’re opening your first franchise or want to expand your existing business experience, we’re the perfect franchise for growth. We offer the opportunity for single unit ownership and the opportunity to become a multi-unit owner with two or more locations.