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Full body scanners have been in successful operation in Domodedovo for 3 years

Full body scanners have been in successful operation in Domodedovo for 3 years

International community is concerned with aviation security at the moment. In particular special attention is paid to security measures at airports during passenger screening.

An airport is absolutely responsible for safety provision for its passengers, clients and aircraft.

The present system provides for a number of advantages compared to traditional means of a passenger screening.

The scanner minimizes tactile (pat-down) contact between security officers and passengers. Nevertheless personal search can be applied, if required.

An operator may see only a black and white shadow-figure on a monitor which does not allow identify a person screened. More over privacy can also be protected by using system functions that allow for further blurring of facial features and private areas.


The procedure reduces time of screening: it takes only two seconds to reveal and pinpoint hidden on a human body metal, wooden, plastic and other items. As a result the technology provides for up to 400 passengers per hour capacity.

Scanning is absolutely safe for a human including pregnant, children and people with a cardio stimulator. It has no any medical restrictions for application because of an active millimeter wave radio frequency technology applied which is the same as used for echoscopy medical procedure. The scanner is 10,000 times less powerful than a cell phone.

The project of the radiowave scanners was implemented as part of the strategic goal to equip Moscow Domodedovo Airport with the state-of-the-art technologies for provision of aviation security.

Moscow Domodedovo Airport is the largest airport of Russia. Its market share in total passenger traffic in Moscow makes 46%. At the moment 78 partner airlines (34 foreign, 28 Russian and 16 from the CIS) connecting over 220 destinations operate flights all over the world. The unique route network covered by Domodedovo partner airlines provides for 89 exclusive destinations. In 2009 some 19 million passengers benefited from Domodedovo services.