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Frankfurt Airport sets new records for punctuality and reliability

Frankfurt Airport sets new records for punctuality and reliability

Recording an average on-time performance of 82.3 per cent for arriving and departing flights in 2013, Frankfurt Airport achieved its best punctuality score in history.

Punctuality rates as high as 85 per cent were reached even during FRA’s heaviest traffic months from July to October 2013 – thus setting a new historical record for individual months.

The trend is also continuing this year.

In January 2014, FRA registered its highest-ever monthly flight punctuality rate of 87.1 per cent.

For many years, Frankfurt Airport has also ranked high among the best airports when it comes to baggage handling reliability.

The so-called baggage mishandling rate hovers at the very low level of 1.6 per cent – despite, for example, a volume of more than 27 million pieces of outbound baggage handled last year at FRA.

Thus, passengers flying out of Frankfurt can depend on their luggage arriving at their destinations.

Commenting on the record figures at Germany’s most important aviation hub, Fraport AG’s executive board chairman Stefan Schulte said: “Everyone departing from or transferring at Frankfurt Airport can enjoy maximum travel comfort and high reliability.

“We work closely with our partners, Deutsche Flugsicherung (Germany’s air traffic control agency) and the airlines, to streamline processes continuously and to offer passengers the best possible travel experience.

“In terms of service quality and punctuality, we rank among the world’s top airports.”

Frankfurt Airport’s new Runway Northwest, among other factors, has helped flight punctuality climb to new heights and to mitigate the impact of adverse weather conditions such as strong winds and poor visibility.

Inaugurated in October 2012, the new Pier A-Plus and associated expansion at Terminal 1 added state-of-the-art infrastructure and facilities to maximize travel comfort.