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France retaliates following British travel warning

French visitors to the United Kingdom have been urged to employ “extreme vigilance” amid growing fears of a terrorist attack in the country.

Offering new travel advice to its citizens, the French government warned an attack on British public transport was now “highly likely”.

The latest developments follow news a UK terror suspect killed in Pakistan was being groomed to lead a new group in raids on the UK, France and Germany.

The new advice on the French defence ministry website said: “The British authorities consider the terror threat level is very high in the United Kingdom and the risk of an attack is highly likely.

“It is recommended to show extreme vigilance on public transport and at the most-visited tourist sites.”

Authorities fear a Mumbai-style terror attack in London

Growing Concern

Concerns have been heightened around the world since British terror suspect Abdul Jabbar was killed in a drone attack in north-western Pakistan on September 8th.

Security sources have alleged he had been put forward as the head of an al-Qaeda splinter group tasked with carrying out Mumbai-style commando attacks in Britain, France and Germany.

In response the United States issued a travel alert to its citizens, warning them of a potential threat when travelling in Europe.

The United States also believes a cell of Germans and Britons are at the heart of a terror plot against European cities, a plan they link to al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden.

Governments in Sweden and Japan have also recently issued a warning against potential attacks in Europe.

Germany, meanwhile, says it remains watchful but that there is no reason to be “alarmist”.