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Former Qatar Airways employees guilty of abuse of authority in Russia

Former Qatar Airways employees guilty of abuse of authority in Russia

Two former Qatar Airways employees have been found guilty of abuse of authority in Russia.

Nazir Abduvakhidov, ex-country manager for the carrier, and Rostislav Petrov are believed to have created a fake website in order to sell tickets to employees of Rosneft, the state energy concern.

The site bore the Qatar Airways logo, but was not affiliated to the flag-carrier.

Tickets were assigned the corporate codes of other companies, with the defendants illegally receiving a commission from each ticket sold.

“No less than 130 tickets” were sold, with a value of R16 million (£200,000).

Abduvakhidov and Petrov are believed to have earned R1.5 million (£19,000) through the scheme.

Both were found guilty at the Moscow City Court, with the judge stating all charges were proven.

The offences took place in 2017 and 2018.

Following the trial, the judge called for a fine instead of jail time.


Leniency was required as both Abduvakhidov and Petrov were on trial for the first time, the judge argued.

Both had also admitted their guilt and repaid the damages to Qatar Airways in full.

Following the repayment, the criminal case against both was dropped.

However, in a statement, Qatar Airways said it was preparing further action against Abduvakhidov and Petrov.

The carrier explained: “Qatar Airways is satisfied with the court decision on this particular case and that both Abduvakhidov and Petrov pleaded guilty and have compensated for the damage caused by their business activities.

“Currently Qatar Airways is preparing further documents and materials on other incidents and serious violations by the two individuals to be transferred to law enforcement agencies of the Russian Federation.”