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Florida Keys launches ‘Live Chat’ website feature

Florida Keys launches ‘Live Chat’ website feature

The Florida Keys & Key West tourism council has launched a new “live chat” communications tool on its website, enabling visitors to obtain real-time assistance from a live travel professional in the Keys, without having to make a phone call. The live chat is available on weekdays from 2pm to 10pm UK time (9am to 5pm Keys time).

“This feature is relatively new for tourism bureaus and destination marketing organizations,” said Jessica Bennett of the Keys tourism council. “Website visitors interact with live people with real-life knowledge.”

To access the live chat feature, visitors simply click the “Chat With Us Live” button located at the top of each page of the website. Users then are prompted to input which area of the Keys they are interested in or “Not Sure” for a general inquiry, as well as their name and (optional) email address, and then click on “Start Chat.” A chat window screen opens and within seconds the user is greeted by a chat operator and invited to respond with questions.

President of the Marathon Chamber of Commerce, Daniel Samess, said, “We are excited about providing this new service giving visitors another means to connect and interact with travel professionals who live in the Keys.”