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First TransPennine Express is keeping customers informed

First TransPennine Express is keeping customers informed

A local train company is providing customers with information on the go for free. First TransPennine Express (FTPE) is responding to the need for clear and accessible journey information and is encouraging customers to sign up for travel information in a manner that best suits them.

The Office of Rail Regulation (ORR) has recently set out legislation that will ensure train operators are providing appropriate, accurate and timely information for passengers.

FTPE which is already well ahead of this legislation has developed a number of communications channels to help customers plan their journeys and importantly customers can get the very latest information on the move and for free.

FTPE’s customer information channels include, the industry first @tpeassist where customers can tweet their queries and receive answers directly from frontline colleagues. A mobile website,, that offers live departure and arrival information and detailed station information and a mobile app, available on all handsets including Apple, Android and Windows phones.

Using the mobile app customers can plan a journey and purchase tickets for travel as well as access enhanced information such as departing platform numbers.


In addition, customers can sign up for free texts and emails relating to certain journeys on the FTPE network by visiting and registering their details.

Leo Goodwin, FTPE’s Commercial Director commented,
“We are committed to ensuring our customers’ journeys are as easy and as stress free as possible, with FTPE providing as much information as is needed.
“Customers travel with us for many different reasons and on varying frequencies and we know that each individual has different information needs and preferred methods of communications.
“We are now offering a fantastic range of information options for customers and all for free.”

In February 2012, FTPE was named the National Rail Train Operator of the Year and won two separate awards for it’s communications to customers.

In the latest National Passenger Survey results, FTPE achieved an 84 per cent satisfaction rating with 87 per cent of customers satisfied with the provision of information regarding their journey.