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First PURE allergy friendly rooms available in Brazil

First PURE allergy friendly rooms available in Brazil

The Sheraton World Trade Center (WTC) in one of SaoPaulo, Brazil’s leading financial districts recently completed installation of multiple PURE Allergy-Friendly Rooms in partnership with PURE Global. PURE Room uses a patented and award winning seven-step process specially treating all surfaces, and purifying the indoor air to greatly reduce allergy and asthma symptoms, resulting in the best night’s sleep even for non-sufferers.

The seven purification steps of the patented PURE Room installation process include:

1. Air sanitization via units that heat and cool air entering the room
2. Maintaining sanitized air with tea tree oil, an organic disinfectant
3. Cleaning all soft surfaces with low odor disinfectant to remove dirt, bacteria, mold and other allergy triggers
4. Performance of a one-time ozone shock treatment to remove any lingering odors, leaving the air crisp and fresh to the senses
5. Application of a unique spray-on barrier to the room to prevent bacteria growth
6. Placement of a medical grade HealthWay air cleaner in each room to maintain purified air; this removes up to 98-100 percent of viruses and bacteria
7. Installation of waterproof mattress protectors and pillow encasements, providing a barrier against dust mites and other common allergens

The new PURE rooms are part of Sheraton WTC’s remodeled 15th floor featuring wooden flooring, which is also ideal for those who suffer from allergies and asthma. The hotel’s Managing Director Carlos Eduardo Hue explains “The patented PURE Room process brings an unparalleled comfort that goes beyond the standard amenities and services for our guests. It truly impacts the quality of life of our valued guests at the Sheraton WTC Sao Paulo.”

PURE Global’s VP of Business Development, Antony Papageorgiou personally oversaw each room’s transformation into a PURE Room noting, “We are honored to provide the Sheraton WTC with the opportunity to be the first hotel in Sao Paulo, Brazil as well as the entire continent of South America to offer PURE Rooms as the ultimate for indoor comfort and overall guest experience. PURE Global is also particularly proud to partner with the Sheraton WTC, one of Brazil and South America’s top hotels for convention business. “