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Finnair completes three million mobile check-ins

Finnair completes three million mobile check-ins

Finnair is a pioneer in the offering of mobile services to flight passengers. The most popular of Finnair’s mobile services is the mobile check-in, as demonstrated by the remarkable three million check-ins achieved in March. Of the other mobile services, one that has proved popular is the mobile upgrade, namely upgrading a passenger’s travel class via a mobile phone. Finnair now has a range of nine different mobile services. 

“The services offered by Finnair are based on the latest technology and they are very user-friendly – answering a message succeeds with the push of a button. An advantage of a solution based on the intelligent text message (iSMS) system is that no separate software needs to be installed on the telephone; using the service is easy, fast and secure,” explains Finnair’s Vice President, e-Business Development Tom Källström. 

Finnair customers have been able to check in for flights by text message since 2004, and nowadays nearly half of all Finnair check-ins are done electronically on the internet or via mobile phones. Finnair is also a clear pioneer internationally in terms of mobile check-in numbers.  In the near future, it will also be possible for Finnair customers to pay by mobile for various travel services, such as special meals for flights as well as different products, such as tickets for entry into Finnair Spa Saunas at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport.  “Our customer promise is Designed for you, and this is also evident in the development of electronic services and thereby in an improved customer experience. As an electronic services pioneer, Finnair offers customers increasingly flexible and varied services,” says Finnair’s Senior Vice President, Customer Service Anssi Komulainen.

In March, Finnair launched at the address a service environment for mobile phone users, which gathers together travel-related services and provides comprehensive travel guidelines and tips. The service offers customers functions that make travelling easier, such as check-in by mobile phone and the chance to edit bookings or check the latest flight information. Customers are also be able to access information on the various stages of travel and more than 50 destinations as well as maps of more than 40 airports.