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Finn Partners takes on Air Charter Service role

Finn Partners takes on Air Charter Service role

Finn Partners has been commissioned by AOR by Air Charter Service to implement a global strategic communications campaign. 

The marketing and communications agency will focus on media relations to drive ACS sales once travel restrictions are lifted and to drive consumers to its travel restrictions website. 

The work will also seek to develop the company’s reputation among international media as the leading private jet broker.

The campaign will be spearheaded and implemented by Carly Reed, partner, Finn London and Helen Ames, partner, FINN New York, two senior leaders.

Debbie Flynn, managing partner, Finn Travel & Lifestyle, commented: “We are thrilled to have been appointed by Air Charter Service.


“In light of Covid-19, we know that people and companies are now looking at private air travel as a viable alternative to commercial travel, whether they are seasoned private air travellers or not.

“The psyche of the post-pandemic traveller will be very different; more health-conscious and spatially aware so the option to avoid long queues and crowds in a busy airport in favour of a customised private experience with close friends and family will be highly appealing.

“There is a real opportunity for us to promote private air travel and ensure Air Charter Service is at the forefront as the private jet broker of choice for consumers, bookers and end users across the globe.”