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Experience the UK’s first Iyashi Dome exclusively at Aquarias Spa

Experience the UK’s first Iyashi Dome exclusively at Aquarias Spa

Whatley Manor the beautiful restored private manor house hotel that nestles in 12 acres of Wiltshire countryside, has installed the UK’s first Iyashi Dome in the luxurious surroundings of its award winning spa Aquarias.

The Iyashi Dome was first developed in Japan and comes from the traditional Suna Ryoho technique of burying oneself in the warm sand by the seashore or near hot springs to detoxify the body through perspiration.

The modern Iyashi Dome allows the user to lie back and relax on a comfortable wooden bed, whilst listening to soothing Japanese influenced music. The technology of the unique black carbon dome gradually heats up the body by emitting vibrations of far-infrared rays that are in line with the far-infrared rays which are naturally produced within the body. The head remains uncovered during this process and the breeze from the state-of-the-art Dyson Air Multiplier refreshes the face whilst the dome cocoons the rest of the body for a purifying, regenerating and slendering treatment.

The Iyashi Dome initiates a deep cleansing session, lasting 30 minutes, in which a large volume of perspiration and toxins are eliminated from the body as it burns energy and starts to breakdown fats including cholesterol, fatty acids and subcutaneous fats as well as lactic acid and accumulated toxins. This deeper level perspiration is equivalent to the same effect that might be achieved from a vigorous 20 Km run but without the aggressive effect on the body.

The Iyashi Dome has a number of health benefits; it aids in purifying and rebalancing the body to its natural state of equilibrium; it noticeably softens and smoothes the skin; the process may also aid in weight loss by reducing the size of the fat cells, and is good to use after a session in the gym to help rejuvenate the body. It can help to energise the body in advance of a big sporting event or be used as power nap between work sessions.


A full consultation is given at the start of the first treatment and this includes a ‘Body Composition’ analysis reading, being taken to record an individual’s weight, muscle mass, water and fat percentages. At the end of the 30 minute session these readings are taken again and a print out is provided showing the results before and after the session with the percentage changes.

For best results a series of sessions is recommended, although benefits can be gained from a single session. However, due to the intensity of the treatment 48 hours must be allowed between each session.