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European hotel prices continue to fall

European hotel prices continue to fall

As winter approaches, hotel prices in European cities have fallen to an average of 97 pounds per night for a standard double room—twelve percent less than the one month earlier (October 2011: 109 pounds). Compared to last year however, the European hotel industry has increased its prices overall by eleven percent (November 2010: 87 pounds). Compared to October, 41 of the 50 European cities listed in the November trivago Hotel Price Index tHPI declined in price this year.

What is particularly striking, are the sharply falling hotel prices in Southern Europe. In addition to low accommodation costs in Italy’s major cities, travellers can also find favourable hotel rates for November in Lisbon (73 pounds, down 28 percent), Prague (68 pounds, down 27 percent), Granada (55 pounds, down 23 percent) and Istanbul (96 pounds, down 22 percent).

Annual Growth in Hotel Prices for Business Travellers to the UK

UK cities catering for business travellers have experienced an annual hotel price growth of 27 percent in comparison to November 2010 (including monthly price fluctuations). London (177 pounds, up 33 percent), Manchester (102 pounds, up 35 percent) and Birmingham (75 pounds, up 23 percent), as well as the Irish capital Dublin (77 pounds, up 16 percent) are among those included. Smaller British cities, such as Bristol (85 pounds, down 5 percent) and Newcastle (85 pounds, down 10 percent) on the other hand, have experienced a dip in prices,  potentially due to unfavourable economic circumstances, including high levels of inflation, which may keep many British travellers close to home.

Hotel Prices Decrease in Capital Cities


When compared to last month however, hotel prices in a number of the capital cities have experienced a decrease in prices this month—among those included are Cardiff (80 pounds, down 7 percent), Dublin (77 pounds, down 8 percent) and Edinburgh (98 pounds,  down 8 percent).  The seaside town of Blackpool (58 pounds, down 10 percent), has also experienced a drop in prices this month, presumably due to the seasonal nature of the area.

Cheap Hotel Prices in Southern Europe

Significant reductions in hotel prices have been observed particularly in southern Europe. Compared to last month, hotel prices have dropped significantly in a number of Italian cities, such as Venice (125 pounds, down 44 percent), Rome (100 pounds,  down 31 percent) and Florence (91 pounds, down 30 percent). In Krakow, at just 51 pounds (down 23 percent), travellers are paying the lowest price for an overnight stay in a standard double room so far this year. In Vienna, the average has fallen to 99 pounds (down 14 percent) while Paris stands at 143 pounds (down eleven percent). Prices slightly higher than the previous month have been reported in the cities of Bucharest (70 pounds, up five percent), which has met this year’s previous high, as well as Birmingham (75 pounds, up two percent) and Copenhagen (125 pounds,  up two percent). The most expensive European cities this November are Geneva (197 pounds,  down ten percent), London (177 pounds,  up four percent) and Oslo (153 pounds, up four percent).

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The hotel price index shows the average overnight accommodation prices for the most popular European cities on trivago. Prices for a standard double room are calculated on the basis of 160,000 daily price inquiries for overnight hotel stays generated through the trivago hotel price comparison service. trivago stores all hotel enquiries for each month and therefore gives an overview of hotel accommodation prices for the upcoming month. The tHPI reflects the hotel prices within the European online hotel market: The overnight accommodation prices of more than 100 online travel agents and hotel chains create the average hotel prices for cities, regions and countries within Europe.