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etouches extends product line

etouches extends product line

etouches is releasing a new product called eMobile, the first of many mobile options planned to extend etouches’ event business networking capabilities.

The new product was created through a partnership with event mobile app innovator CrowdCompass. The new eMobile app runs on all major mobile devices: iPhone, iPad, Blackberry and Android. This ensures that all attendees have instant access to times, places and contacts regardless of internet connection, all within the branded look and feel of the event.

eMobile was specifically created for etouches to extend the product line’s directory, business networking and sponsorship options. Event organisers will now take a hands-off role in the data exchange between attendee registration and agenda scheduling. eMobile will display up-to-the-minute information without organisers having to use their time for list management or making multiple updates for schedule changes. 

“We’re interested in anything we can do to help organizations deliver a better event experience for their constituents,” said etouches founder and CEO, Leonora Valvo. “eMobile was the natural next step in the evolution of our product line that focuses on streamlining planning while increasing attendee touch.”

“We’re delighted to join forces with etouches to facilitate this best-in-class mobile integration for their customers,” said Tom Kingsley, CEO of CrowdCompass. “eMobile offers event organizers exciting new ways to harness the power of mobile devices and transform the event experience for attendees.”


The new partnership between etouches and CrowdCompass addresses one of the hottest trends in 2011. By next year, sales of all types of smartphones are expected to outpace that of personal computers for the first time. With 172 million mobile devices estimated to be in the market already, ensuring that attendees have mobile options is a must.