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Entertainment which is in a class of its own with Voyages of Discovery

Entertainment which is in a class of its own with Voyages of Discovery

Whether it’s spending more time onshore, visiting lesser-travelled ports inrichly-varied South America or the new low-key programme of high-quality entertainment; the same ethos of seeing, learning and doing more has been central to every element of Voyages of Discovery’s Winter 10/11 programme.

The new entertainment programme has been expressly designed to deliver engaging, informative classes which empower guests to experience each enchanting destination from new perspectives, while spending more time with like-minded passengers who share their interests.

For the budding Turner, a range of artistic workshops includes a watercolour painting course, which takes place in the luxurious surroundings of the yacht club with exquisite panoramic views for inspiration. The class is designed to build skills, confidence and visual creativity so passengers can paint their very own pictures of the stunning landscapes, wildlife and flora and fauna of the exotic and dramatic locations.

A choir at sea is open to singers of all abilities, whether experienced musicians or first timers. Participants needn’t read music as skilled choir masters will quickly have passengers singing in tune and learning as they go along.

Craft workshops include jewellery-making, sewing work and embroidery so that guests can try their hand at replicating the skills and handicrafts of the cultures they experience or create some truly unique souvenirs. The Digital World course allows passengers to free their cameras from the auto setting and capture their experiences and memories as they truly intended before sharing the photographs with friends and family through the information super-highway.   


While Discovery is perhaps most famous for the quality of the lectures delivered by its expert guest speakers, the quality of the friendly tuition from artists and crafts teachers is no less impressive. The classes and workshops are welcoming and far-removed from the over-bearing razzmatazz that is sometimes associated with cruising. The classes take full advantage of the benefits of small ship cruising, giving guests the peace and quiet they require and bringing them closer to the inspirational scenery. 

Dudley Smith, Product Director at Voyages of Discovery comments: “Our programme of entertainment has put our customers at its heart. They are the stars of the show and we believe that the programme offers an unrivalled way for guests to engage with one another, make firm friends and further connect with the cultures they explore.”

The programme of entertainment is sure to appeal to holiday-makers who are attracted to the romanticism of cruising on a classically elegant liner, enjoying good food and great conversation with new friends in some of the World’s most beautiful and exotic locations.