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Enterprise signs partnership with Live Nation

Enterprise signs partnership with Live Nation

Enterprise has announced that it has entered into a multi-year agreement to become an Official Partner of Live Nation.

Through this marketing partnership, Enterprise will soon begin rolling out exclusive video content, curated by Live Nation, featuring popular artists and bands.

As part of each video, musicians will share personal stories, such as road trip tips or their favourite scenic tour stops.

The videos will be published on both Enterprise’s and Live Nation’s owned digital properties.

Additionally, Enterprise will have a presence in 36 of Live Nation’s owned and/or operated amphitheatre venues, 39 of the company’s owned and/or operated club/theatre venues and will also advertise across Live Nation’s digital network.


Fans will be offered transportation options for live event-related road trips, as well as rental discount promotions to make it even easier for individuals to travel to live concerts and events.

The news comes on the heels of a recently announced brand positioning campaign by Enterprise that highlights transportation offerings, which includes renting, buying and sharing.

As part of the campaign, Enterprise is implementing a content marketing strategy aimed at reaching consumers on a more emotional level by tapping into their passions.

The brand’s customers rank music among one of the things they are most passionate about.

“Our research tells us that music remains a very important part of our customers’ lives,” said Lee Broughton, vice president, Enterprise North American Brand Marketing.

“Music moves all of us in very personal and emotional ways. Through our partnership with Live Nation, we are excited to bring fans ever closer to the songs and artists they love most.

“This exclusive video content is going to be ‘must watch’ material for music fans. We’re amped to be bringing them personal stories from their favourite artists that they can’t get anywhere else.”