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Enterprise brings car rental to customers with ECART

Enterprise brings car rental to customers with ECART

Enterprise Rent-A-Car has revealed it is rolling out the Enterprise Computer Aided Rental Trolley (ECART) across its UK business.

Exclusive to Enterprise, the new system provides all the key technology from a standard branch in a convenient and robust portable unit, allowing Enterprise to effectively transport its car rental network to wherever there is demand.

Enterprise’s extensive branch network makes it possible to support a mobile solution that brings its service a step closer to customers.

It has the largest network in the UK, extending across 360 branches and to over 50,000 vehicles nationwide, located within five miles of 75 per cent of the population and ten miles of over 90 per cent.

Whether at a customer site, exhibition hall or hotel lobby, the ECART means a fully operational rental car service can be up and running within a matter of minutes.

The only requirement is a power supply and a mobile 3G/GPRS signal.

Rob Ingram, director of business rental at Enterprise Rent-A-Car said: “The ECART it is an entirely new way of delivering rental services and will bring tangible benefits to our customers.

“We are already proud of our proximity to the vast majority of the UK population and now with the ECART we are about to get even closer to even more people.

“Customers already appreciate the fact we can pick them up and take them to a branch – now we can effectively bring the branch to them.

“The ECART gives us the flexibility to extend the branch network to wherever there is demand – for however long it is required.

“For example, we can set up a temporary branch at a customer’s premises, or deliver ad hoc reservation services at special events. 

“And because the ECART uses the same technical set-up as a standard branch, our customers will enjoy the same high-quality user experience they know us for.”

The ECART features Enterprise branch technology, including terminals and ticket printer, housed in a steel-constructed trolley on manoeuvrable wheels. 

It connects to the Enterprise network using GPRS/3G for maximum convenience.