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Emirates One&Only Wolgan Valley launches adventure challenge

Emirates One&Only Wolgan Valley launches adventure challenge

Emirates One&Only Wolgan Valley, Australia’s ultra-luxury, conservation-based nature resort, will launch the first ‘Wolgan Warrior Adventure Challenge’, an exclusive 21-kilometre trail run.

Available to only ten guests every month, the course was mapped out by an expert team of field guides who scoured the reserve to design an experience where guests can experience Wolgan Valley like never before.

Trail runners can explore the wild, inspiring and rarely accessed parts of the resort’s extraordinary wilderness setting, and at the same time, build fitness and endurance.

The course has been developed with a profound respect for the environment and desire to protect the surrounding World Heritage-listed national parks, hence each monthly challenge is available exclusively to only ten participants.

Emirates One&Only Wolgan Valley is proud to have been granted trail running Ecopass permissions by National Parks & Wildlife Services.


Officially launching on August 26th, the guided Wolgan Warrior course will link three of the valley’s iconic peaks for off-track hiking and trail running: Razorback Ridge (277 metre elevation from the valley floor), Mount Wolgan (294 metre elevation from the valley floor), and Donkey Mountain (365 metre elevation from the valley floor).

Wolgan Warriors will navigate sheer sandstone escarpments, soaring mountain peaks, pristine creeks, dense bushland and sweeping plains, led by a dedicated Field Guide who is steeped in knowledge of the local terrain.

The trail begins at Razorback Ridge, which separates the southern valley from the vast meadows of the western valley, with its arid environment and fascinating diversity of reptiles, birds and specialist plants.

After tackling this peak, the warriors dart across to Mount Wolgan, and explore its thick eucalyptus canopy as the terrain steepens.

The runners will then zig-zag through beautifully coloured sandstone boulders as they commence the ascent of Donkey Mountain, the famous rock which looms over the resort.

Separated into two sections, the saddle and the ascent, this is where the runners earn their stripes as a true Wolgan Warrior.

Tucked away in a 7,000-acre reserve and surrounded by majestic cliffs and canyons, Emirates One&Only Wolgan Valley is fabled for its restorative powers; a place to rejuvenate mind, body and spirit, with endless opportunities for exploration and adventure.

The Wolgan Warrior Adventure Challenge has been developed in direct response to feedback from guests eager to test their endurance, stamina and navigation skills in the surrounding wilderness without having to sacrifice a sense of pleasure and indulgence.

“For so many of our guests, a visit to Emirates One&Only Wolgan Valley is a rare opportunity to connect with nature through our amazing programme of outdoor activities, such as horseback riding, bike riding and hiking trails,” says James Wyndham, general manager.

“We are excited to be the first ultra-luxury resort in Australia to offer an experience like the Wolgan Warrior Adventure Challenge, giving our active guests the chance to really push their physical limits in this stunning natural environment, whilst still being able to enjoy all the resort has to offer.”

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Emirates One&Only Wolgan Valley is considered Australia’s Leading Resort by voters at the World Travel Awards.