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Emirates brings second A380 to Birmingham, UK, route

Emirates brings second A380 to Birmingham, UK, route

Emirates will be introducing a second daily A380 service between Dubai and Birmingham, beginning October 2017.

Flight EK39/40, currently operated by a Boeing 777, will now be operated by the iconic and highly popular Emirates A380, adding to the existing daily A380 already operating on the route.

Following the suspension of one of its flights to Birmingham, Emirates has decided to operate the new A380, which features 615 seats.

This means that from October, the airline will operate a twice-daily, all-A380 service to the Midlands.

Emirates’ decision to use a double-daily A380 service was in part driven by huge demand from passengers to travel on the iconic aircraft.

Since the first A380 service from Dubai to Birmingham launched in March 2016, over 300,000 passengers have already flown on the aircraft between the two cities.

The A380’s popularity is partly due to the fact that it features the widest individual in-seat Economy Class screens in the industry, measuring in at 13.3 inches and offers over 2,500 channels on inflight entertainment system, ice.

Emirates started flying to Birmingham in December 2000 as a daily service to Dubai, operated by a 278-seat Airbus A330.

Since then, Emirates has carried over 5.2 million passengers between Dubai and Birmingham.

An important segment on this route are the international students who travel to Birmingham every year to attend its prestigious schools and universities.

Emirates’ flight EK39 departs from Dubai at 07:25 and arrives in Birmingham at 11:25.

The outbound flight, EK40, departs from Birmingham at 13:30 and arrives in Dubai at 00:35 the following day.