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Elba Island, the island of Napoleon Bonaparte, launches “Napoleon Experience”: a new series of tourist-experiential travel experiences that will allow visitors to go back 200 years when the great Corsican Bonaparte ruled Elba Island.

“Napoleon Experience” will take off in 2023, allowing visitors to enjoy an all-around holiday in a Napoleonic key, thanks to a unique travel experience that mixes culture, food and wine, nature, folklore, and, of course, sea and relaxation
It will be like travelling back in time to the period when the emperor led the capital of the Tuscan Archipelago. Napoleon was a great innovator who made a decisive contribution to making Elba Island a modern place for that time, with measures that are even today part of its culture.

“Napoleon Experience” will immerse visitors in the atmosphere of the time: they will experience the excitement of the great parties at which Pauline, the sister of the emperor, was admired, dine at their table, and taste the Aleatico wine that Napoleon loved so much, walk along the roads that always look towards his native Corsica, discover how people lived surrounded by refined craftsmanship and precious minerals extracted from the island belly, and much more.

The new project is starting in 2023 and will last seven weeks from May to September, one week for each municipality on Elba Island. The travel plans will be presented soon and offer various experiences from which visitors will be free to choose, creating their unique Napoleonic holiday.

“Napoleon Experience” is the result of a partnership between the public and private sectors: a virtuous mechanism that makes it possible to build innovative touristic initiatives and project Elba Island into the future.


Elba hosted the emperor for ten months. A period as short as intense profoundly affected the life of the people and its signs are still evident today. His landing took place on 4 May 1814 in Portoferraio, where it is still possible to see the spot where the first French Emperor set foot. From that moment until 27 February 1815, the life of the Elban community was turned upside down by Napoleon’s presence and his traces are still everywhere. Among them is the Elban symbol flag, which presents three golden bees on a red stripe on a white field.

To immerse yourself in Napoleon’s time, have a look at this video: