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El Salvador to boost airport efficiency with new investment

El Salvador to boost airport efficiency with new investment

The government of El Salvador has confirmed it will invest US$70 million in the modernisation of the country’s international airport, in order to make it a more efficient, profitable and environmentally friendly service. 

According to the president of the Autonomous Executive Port Commission, Alberto Arene, the government will invest in immediate improvements to include replacing the current radar system, and retarmacking the runway and access areas. 

Arene said these improvements will enhance the airport’s security and efficiency, as well as the comfort of the more than two million passengers who use the airport every year, a figure expected to rise in coming years. 

Arene also explained that a loan for the value of US$56 million would be negotiated in order to carry out the work. 

At the same time, work is already underway to build new stands and bigger lifts at the airport, and the Immigration Department is looking at ways of reducing passenger waiting time at Customs.