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Dominican Republic Ministry of Tourism reassures they are receiving tourists

Dominican Republic Ministry of Tourism reassures they are receiving tourists

The Dominican Republic (DR) Ministry of Tourism assures visitors that all of its cities, tourism, and resort areas are conducting normal business operations. Also, the DR government, consulates, and embassies are working diligently with the international community on Haiti earthquake relief. Millions of Dominicans have donated time, money, supplies, and expertise to help Haiti in these critical hours of need.

All of the tourist areas, hotels, resorts, airports, and seaports are open and receiving visitors. The DR experienced no damage from the quake or its aftershocks. Major tourism regions Punta Cana and La Romana on the east coast, as well as Samana and Puerto Plata along the north coast are welcoming winter season tourists from all over the world.

The southern region of the DR has been a stable staging area for the Haiti relief effort and a reliable alternative route into Haiti. Three key airports and a roadway in the DR’s southern region are being used to receive international relief supplies through mostly rural areas of the DR not frequented by visitors. The DR government has stationed military, police, and immigration officials along the DR border reinforcing relief efforts to help Haiti. The DR has strong border control permitting only crossings for humanitarian reasons, while also sending critical supplies, equipment, medical experts, and millions of dollars for food and relief kitchens directly to Port-au-Prince.

The DR shares the eastern third of the Island of Hispaniola with Haiti. Punta Cana, the major global tourism destination in the DR is located approximately 400 miles (633 kilometers) east of Haiti’s capital, or a 10-12 hour drive, with numerous mountain ranges separating the two countries.

DR Tourism Update:


- All of the DR’s eight international airports are open and receiving commercial flights. All flights in/out of the DR are running smoothly.

- All of the DR’s cruise terminals, seaports, and marinas are open, operating effectively and receiving visitors.

- All of the DR’s beaches, hotels, resorts, and tourism businesses are conducting normal business operations.

- The DR is providing some space at strategically-located key airports, however, this is not disrupting commercial flights.

- The DR did not experience any damage from the secondary aftershock that occurred Thursday morning.

- The DR has strong border control with military, police, medical, and international aid officials helping Haitians.

- The DR’s security, health, communication, and transportation systems are all operating normally and effectively.